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We cater our Pizza Making Services at Private Parties, Special Occassions & Corporate Hospitality.

Pizza Party Catering is all about making the handcrafted dough. The dough is everything. We cook it with utmost perfection which does justice to the crusts, layers, and cheese.
The Pizza that we cook is a secret recipe that has passed down from generations in our family.
We arrive 1-2 Hours prior to your event with our Pizza Mobile Van. We make necessary preparations to serve Pizzas to your guest cooked to perfection.
Our special attention to quality and intricate details is what makes us stand out.
When we serve your guests with Pizza, we make sure that we treat them like our guests. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the best customer service.

Specials Combo

Mobile Woodfire Menu

Enjoy your party

your guests are ours let us serve them with a legendary slice of Pizza from our mobile wood fired pizza oven.


Delicious woodfired pizza

Our unique yet classical Italian woodfired pizza menu crafted by our Italian family made for you and your guests.

For Your Next Event

From parties, corporate events, festivals and fairs we’ll bring our woodfired pizza and our unique touch of Italy to your next event.


All Italian Quality

Our unique yet classical Italian woodfired pizza menu crafted by our Italian family made for you and your guests.

Enjoy Yummy and Fresh Pizza Party Catering in Sydney at Pizza Party Catering

What should you know about us?


Pizza Party Catering is all about making the handcrafted dough. The dough is everything. We cook it with utmost perfection which does justice to the crusts, layers, and cheese.

The Pizza that we cook for pizza party catering in Sydney is a secret recipe that has passed down from generations in our family.

How does it work?

When you have planned a party, now the next step is to present eatables before your valuable friends and the service you are going to hire should be on time otherwise your all work out will go in the bin. That is why understanding the values of our esteemed customers’ needs we arrive 1-2 hours before your event with our pizza van so that you will be entertained by fresh pizza catering in Sydney. We make the necessary preparations to serve pizzas to your guest cooked to excellence.

Why we?

We cover every requisite that make a pizza your priority;

No flavour is out of our reach:

either you want a thin crust pizza or a platter of the cheesy bites is the theme of your party. We know that cheese is essential and not only cheese we collect the lavish cheese ingredients from purity guaranteed dairy farms and serve you with the tasty and fresh pizza catering in Sydney. Whether you want a pepperoni or mushroom spread on the uppermost layer of your pizza we know how to make it best.

Cheese and dough:

it’s all about fun, love, and creativity we prepare pizza for you with the yummy and perfectly swollen dough so that when you ask your friends you don’t need to give a second thought to your claim.

Our special attention to quality and intricate details is what makes us stand out.
We never compromise in taste:

when we serve your guests with pizza, we make sure that we treat them like our guests. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the best customer service. Whatever pizza style is your favourite we maintain the quality every time so that you can trust us confidently for pizza party catering in Sydney.

What should you know about us?

At Pizza Party Catering you rest assured that you are investing your time and money in the right place. We do not play with extra charges and serve you with best taste being cost-effective. Get connected with us to get a quote today by calling us at: 0420-877-107 0420-877-107. Have a happy pizza party!


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We understand that Pizza isn’t merely food; it’s an emotion. The Pizza that we prepare is carved out of the secret recipe that has passed down from generations in our family.

    Woodfire Pizza Catering Sydney | Mobile Pizza Catering Sydney

    Enjoy Party Time with the Best Pizza Mobile Party Catering Sydney Is Known For Aromatic Wood Fire Pizza for Authentic Pizza Taste

    Pizza Catering SydneyDo you want an on-site Sydney pizza party for your event, big day, birthday party or corporate event? Are you looking for a Smoky pizza party with an authentic pizza taste? Do you want to hire Mobile Pizza Catering Sydney to give your guests valuable meals? Pizza Party Caterings Sydney offers an innovative catering solution with our experienced pizza chef on-site pizza baking. Pizza is Italian food that was introduced in 1738 in Naples. Apart from pizza, some famous Italian dishes are Parmigiana, Risotto, Alla and Pasta Pescatore, Aperitivo Cocktails and Cannoli rolls.

    Hire Certified Food Safety Mobile Catering Company Sydney

    Food safety is a significant concern when you think of food prepared by external sources, i.e. either purchase it from stores or hire a mobile food catering Sydney Company. Food safety is all about how food handlers take when handling, storing and preparing the food. There could be several health hazards from farm to factory and factory to fork when food products are picked from fields, packed, distributed, stored, thawed, processed, prepared, served, and delivered. Keeping in view the guidelines and health safety guidelines, our staff is certified by New South Wales Food Authority. We can be appointed as Food Safety Supervisor under the Food Act 2003 NSW.

    Food Safety Measurements

    To ensure our food is safe to consume, we store food safely within the guidelines of New South Wales Food Authority, i.e. dry items in dry compartments, frozen items under the regulated temperature of -18 degrees Celsius and perishable running items are kept under chilling temperature of 1 to 5 degree Celsius. Further, to avoid foodborne illness, our items are stored separately in air-tight compartments while we wash, rinse and sanitise our equipment and storage compartments before and after cooking.

    Pizza Ingredients and Sauces Made with Perfection

    Further, we use fresh items and ingredients to give our customers the most authentic pizza taste. We understand that the taste of fresh and aromatic ingredients, commodities and spices is much better than stored and canned items. So we use new supplies as much as possible as we have years of experience in making the best pizza sauces with raw Italian ingredients. Our passion is all about making Pizza Catering Sydney for you easy-going in a way that you can enjoy your party only. We take pride in serving your guests with full zeal and original hospitality etiquettes as we will bake pizza for you and present food to guests and visitors with a pleasant smile and friendly gesture.

    Hand Tossed Dough

    Making pizza starts from the perfect hand-tossed dough, a unique practice in Italy. Pizza Party Caterings Sydney understands the value of dough. We have our own unique and authentic Italian dough recipe, which has been transferred from generation to generation in our family. Our handcrafted dough is very popular among Sydney food lovers as the aromatic pizza crust fits rights with layers of cheese and toppings.

    Pizza Van Catering SydneyPizza Secret Recipe

    Our secrete dough recipe is unique and far better than any big pizza company that automated the pizza-making process and compromised authenticity to make more profit. Generally, such companies use preservatives to increase the shelf life, which kills the aroma and taste. We believe in using fresh supplies to give you the perfect pizza taste in Sydney.

    Depending on the event and the number of guests, we arrive about a couple of hours before the event start to prepare things for the big show. Our Pizza Van Catering Sydney is a compact food catering set up with everything required for a catering party.

    We pay attention to the details of every catering party as we understand quality is everything you need from us, especially when you want to enjoy Italian food at your home or destination. We are the best pizza chefs in Sydney and serve pizzas to guests with hospitality etiquettes to make you feel proud. That’s why we are best in every aspect, i.e. pizza taste and best customer services. So, whether you hire us for a personal event, small party, get to gather or for a big corporate event, we leave no stone unturned to make your event successful.

    Who Are We?

    We are Italian based pizza makers who love their work and have a passion for serving authentic Italian pizzas to Sydney residents. Our delicious pizza deals are designed to fine-tune your taste buds with fresh pizza baked at your site. Our passion is all about delivering you a perfect pizza with yummy crust, cheese and the best pizza topping. Our pizza menu includes Starter Pizzas, Traditional Pizzas and Pizza Blanca. Our pizza chefs bake every pizza with the perfection that every pizza slice is topped evenly.

    Apart from just baking live pizzas for your event, we help make a fun, entertaining and enjoying environment with our delicious pizza variety, deserts and pasta. Our mobile

    Our Services

    Catering services Sydney involves preparing, making and serving food at the requested location. It could be a remote site or any hotel, farmhouse or countryside place. Mainly, the food is prepared and cooked on-site to provide fresh food.

    Mobile Pizza Catering SydneyMobile Pizza Catering Sydney

    Mobile catering has become a norm for outdoor events such as concerts, workplaces, and downtown business districts. Mobile catering became successful because all equipment and appliances can be transported to the site as one unit, and usually, there is no need to set up a temporary camp. The hassle-free mobile catering units are growing in popularity.

    Our Pizza Oven Catering Sydney is a mobile unit designed to move the pizza factory to your site to give you and your guests a live pizza party at your location.

    Pizza Oven Catering SydneyPrivate Pizza Party

    A private pizza party is all about delighting pizza flavours to enjoy with friends, family members, and corporate gatherings in a personal capacity or as a group of like-minded people. We have unbeatable pizza and pasta flavours to make your Private Pizza Party successful.

    Pizza parties have become a norm for private events like birthdays, corporate functions, weddings, anniversaries, children’s parties, farewells, or just about any celebration you might think of. Irrespective of the size of the event and the number of guests, we can arrange your very own private pizza party in Sydney and other parts of Australia. Hire our services for authentic artisan and Italian cultural experience at your home, site, farmhouse or corporate event.

    Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor pizza party catering services, we can arrange them for you. We are experts in setting up a kitchen at your asked location or working from your kitchen. Our mobile pizzeria setup can also fit into your backyard.

    Woodfire Pizza Catering SydneyItalian Pizza Sydney

    Italian pizza is all about making hand-tossed dough, authentic ingredients, pizza sauces and fresh toppings. When you choose to Pizzeria catering party Sydney, you expect a quality pizza and getting our services means your pizza will contain top-quality ingredients. A good thing for those who love smoky pizza is that we provide Woodfire Pizza Catering Sydney services to ensure smoky pizza lovers are delighted in true spirit. Indeed there is no comparison to baked bacon meat with parmesan cheese and sausages in a wood fire.

    When we say Italian cuisine, we consider pizza as the main course. 90% of people think about pizza when they want to eat Italian. Perhaps many countries have different national cuisines, but only a few of them become all-time favourites. As for Italy, they have two popular dishes: pasta and of course pizza and we are experts in making them at your site.

    Wedding Pizza Catering

    So you are looking for catering services for your big day, which can bake fresh, authentic Italian pizza for your guests! The dynamic food catering industry has indulged pizza parties as the main course to serve guests to make a great wedding reception.

    After all, it is still your wedding, and you should be able to pick what food you want for the reception. Here are some ideas about how to have pizza at your wedding reception and make it the talk of the party for all the right reasons.

    Wood Fired Pizza Catering SydneyPizza can be part of a pre-dinner appetiser if you have planned a formal wedding. You can serve your guests mini-pizzas of different flavours. If you want to make pizza as a main dish, it can still be done in a sit-down dinner as we can serve live wood fire pizza with our mobile catering unit. For thematic or destination weddings, Italian food is a perfect choice that can include a variety of hand-tossed pizza and pasta and some cocktails. Imagine yourself with your batter-half for the wedding at the beach! What could be better than enjoying your wedding and delighting your guests with a pizza wedding party by hiring our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sydney?

    Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering SydneyWood Fire Pizza Catering

    We provide Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sydney for weddings, engagements, birthday parties, corporate events and christenings. Our menu includes ALL YOU CAN EAT dishes that can be tailored to the theme of your event. As no two events can be the same, we have several plans and customise things to make your event unique.

    How Does Wood Fire Pizza Work?

    We have been in the pizza business for generations and do our work like a pro. Here is how things work when you hire our wood fire pizza catering services:

    • We arrive around two hours before serving time to ensure a smooth working plan. These two hours will be spent setting up the pizza oven and preparing other staff on-site.
    • No matter how many guests you have at your event, our double ovens mean we can simultaneously cook multiple wood fire pizzas.
    • We need solid ground for our mobile pizza catering setup, and this space should have ventilation for the chimney to through hot air out.
    • We can keep making live pizzas until your guests stop eating! So no embarrassing at all.
    • We can arrange serving staff for a small cost.

    Pizza Menu

    Being a leader in the Sydney pizza market, we offer a variety of traditional Italian authentic pizza flavours, which include the following:


    For cheese lovers, our Margherita pizza is a feast for them. The Margherita pizza includes sauce at base, mozzarella cheese, more cheese topped with oregano.

    Pizza Alla Romana

    This pizza is inspired by Napoli sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, ham meat, mushrooms and anchovies.


    Vegetarian pizza is a feast for veggie lovers who love eating healthy vegetables topped on pizza crust. The base is served with Italian tomato sauce, cheese, zucchini, eggplant and capsicum—one of the best healthy pizzas recommended by our customers.


    Capricciosa pizza is best for mushroom lovers who want the taste of ham meat. The base is labelled with tomato sauce, followed by mozzarella cheese, artichokes and topping of olives.

    Ham & Pineapple

    Pineapple lovers love mixing ham meat with cheese put on pizza dough and tomato sauce on its base.


    Those who love original capers and anchovies must try Napoli pizza served with tomato sauce, garlic and olives.


    Pepperoni pizza is a delightful feast for pepperoni pizza lovers that includes tomato sauce topped with cheese and loads of pepperoni.

    Ham & Mushroom

    Loaded with tons of ham and mushrooms to give a delightful treat to your taste buds.

    Pizza Nutella

    Chocolate lovers will find pizza Nutella as per their expectations as it is loaded with Nutella and baked with perfection.


    Supreme Pizza is full of options as it includes tomato sauce on its base topped with fine quality mozzarella cheese, Italian sausages, pepperoni, olives and capsicum.

    Your Own Pizza Recipe

    We understand you can have your pizza recipe as many people have strong emotions about their food. You just need to tell us once about the recipe you want to serve your guests. Our pizza menu is craved out of our family recipe from Italy, including secretes and a love for pizza.

    Variety of Dishes

    Entrée Pizzas

    Pizza Party Caterings Sydney can Bake and Serve mini-pizzas, also known as pocket pizzas or starter pizza. Such pizzas are best when mixing two different cuisines or adding more Italian food and pizza.

    Traditional Pizzas


    The traditional Mammargherita pizza includes Napoletana base and mozzarella cheese topped with aromatic basil leaves.

    Special Pesto:

    The special pesto pizza includes basil pesto as its base topped with fine quality mozzarella cheese, tomato, feta cheese cubes and black olives.

    Classic Garlic:

    The classic garlic pizza type includes a Napoletana pizza base topped with mozzarella cheese, granulated garlic and aromatic rosemary.

    Pizza Bianca

    Pizza Bianca

    Four cheese pizzas include mixing different cheese, i.e. mozzarella and parmesan cheese.


    Sausage and potato and spinach


    Grab Our Mouth-watering flavours of Fresh Pasta in Sydney from Pizza Party Catering and Make your Day

    Get to know us

    Pizza Party Catering is an independent Australia based service that delivers your pizza and pasta requirement according to your taste buds. Our mission is to serve you the excellent and delicious taste of pizza and fresh pasta in Sydney, covering a wide range of flavours for pizza and pasta.

    So if you have arranged a party or are in a mood to get together, give us a call; we will be there within one to two hours before your event.


    • Tiramisu
    • Pizza Nutella

    Why Should You Trust Us?

    We know the value of pizza for people who love authentic Italian food, as pizza is all about sharing love while the past is an emblem of emotions for Italian food lovers. Fresh quality ingredients are vital to pizza and pasta to make sure you enjoy decadent, aromatic pizza and pasta taste.

    Pizza Mobile Catering SydneyWe have many pizza flavours, pizza crusts and pizza sauces to complement different pizza flavours, and our secret Italian recipes make all. At Pizza Mobile Catering Sydney, you will be delighted to get top service and the delightful range of food we possess to cater for you.

    Our mission statement is to keep a close relationship with each client with the help of our bespoke pizza party menus, food decoration, and tasty pizza variety. Hiring Pizza Party Caterings Sydney means guaranteed successful catering event because we put every effort to meet every goal you mark for your catering event or party.

    Pizza Truck Catering SydneyWhat Appeals to Our Clients?

    Because of our passion for live pizza baking and serving with all hospitality etiquettes, our clients mark their catering event memorable and heart touching. Our signature pizza menu and food pizza stations are best for a family feast, wedding parties, corporate events and any bachelor parties. As we are known as the best Pizza Truck Catering Sydney, you will love to hire us for the rest of your catering events.

    We Prepare with Love:

    Pizza lovers know that pizza makers must put passion apart from providing ingredients and baking pizza only. We believe that pizza makers must be best for making a variety of Pasta and Lasagna dishes to add more flavours and increase the value of any catering party.

    Every Flavour Is Our Favourite.

    Pasta lovers know the value of every ingredient in making the best lasagna deals in Sydney. These include lasagna base sauce, selection of cheese, lasagna strips, meat and toppings choice, i.e. jalapeno, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni etc. At the same time, you can choose the spice level as per your choice, including regular, spicy or non-spicy.

    Cheese and Salt:

    Cheese is one of the main ingredients for Italian cuisine. We know the value of pure milk cream and cheese for pasta that dresses pasta dishes and add taste to the finished product. We only use quality products approved by the NSW Food Authority and know the source of product well to ensure 100% satisfaction, good taste and an excellent user experience.

    Pizza Party Catering SydneyGet Connected Today To Make Some Special Offers!

    Indeed, catering events are important for you as you may be looking for quality family time, corporate hospitality, or forget to gather with friends. Hiring Pizza Party Caterings Sydney means you rest assured that you are investing your time and money for memorable live Pizza Party Catering Sydney. We are open seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and you can contact us at 0420-877-107 to enjoy the best pizza party in Sydney and the yummiest creamy pasta.

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