Enjoy Party Time With The Best Mobile Pizza Catering Penrith That Is Known For Aromatic Wood Fire Pizza For Authentic Pizza Taste

Mobile Pizza Catering PenrithEating fresh pizza is the most authentic way to enjoy the original taste because pizza is a food product that must be consumed and enjoyed right after baking. The on-site pizza party has emerged as a preferential for many to present to their guests. Mobile Pizza Catering Penrith allows Greater Western Sydney residents to arrange pizza parties at their doorstep. Pizza Party Caterings Sydney is a team of hospitality professionals. 

Why Hire Mobile Pizza Catering Company?

Are you looking for an on-site pizza party to host many guests for any specific event? Do you want to host a corporate pizza party at your office? Do you want to give a surprise pizza party to your beloved one? Do you love to have a firewood pizza party to have an authentic smoky pizza taste? Thanks to the mobile catering concept, pizza parties at home have been revolutionized. The mobile pizza catering Sydney services is a complete unit that we can bring to your site about two hours before the start of your event or party.

Pizza is an Italian food item first launched in 1738 in Naples. Other than pizza, some of the famous Italian dishes include are Risotto, Alla, Parmigiana, and Pasta are some of the favourite dishes. Mobile pizza catering is an innovative approach to offering a live on-site pizza experience.

Hire Certified Food Safety Mobile Catering Company Penrith

Food safety ensures you consume hazard-free food that is healthy to eat and have all relevant nutritional values. Food safety involves the process from farm to fork. Each step must be thoroughly checked to prevent contamination of any sort and prevent any abuse to items, i.e. food items including vegetables, fruits and meat must be washed, rinsed and protected to avoid contamination food born illness.

Further, food handlers must take precautionary measurements to prevent the transformation of bio-hazardous. These involve washing hands when required storing and packaging the food as per safety protocols, i.e. cold items between 1 to 5 degrees Celsius and frozen items must be kept frozen within -18 degree Celsius range. Food prepared must reach a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius to kill any pathogens or bacteria to have healthy food.

Pizza Party Caterings Sydney is a certified company under the Food Act 2003 NSW with certification title as Food Safety Supervisor. We have a comprehensive food safety plan that involves packing, storing, thawing, cooking and serving food. Our staff follow and practice all Food Safety Management practices by implementing HACCP. We can be appointed as Food Safety Supervisor because we comply with all rules and regulations.

Unique Pizza Ingredients and Sauces

Pizza Party Caterings Sydney is known for its unique flavours of sauces made with fresh aromatic ingredients. These sauces are family secretes and are best to give authentic pizza taste to our customers. Further, we use only freshly picked vegetables and organic ingredients to make sure our clients enjoy the taste of nature.

We use as many fresh supplies as possible because we are experts with years of experience in making the best pizza sauce with raw Italian ingredients. Our passion is to make Pizza Catering Sydney easy for you so that you have to enjoy your party with your friends, family or colleague.

Apart from just making pizza and pasta products, we also love to serve the food to your guests with full vigour and hospitality etiquettes as we will bake food for you and serve food to the guests and visitors with a pleasant smile and a friendly spirit.

Enjoy Authentic Hand Tossed Pizza Dough

Pizza lovers understand the role of dough to have the real pizza taste. The art of pizza making begins with kneading the dough thoroughly by hand, which is also a unique practice by Italian pizza chefs. Pizza Party Catering Sydney understands the value of hand-tossed dough to offer real pizza taste, and we have our own unique and authentic Italian Dough recipe. Our dough recipe has been passed down from generation to generation in our family.

Our hand-tossed pizza dough is an all-time favourite among Sydney pizza lovers as the flavorful pizza crust fits right in with the layers of cheese and toppings. We have served many successful pizza parties in Penrith, Western Sydney, which is why we rank first when you look for Pizza Catering Penrith

Pizza Catering PenrithPizza Secret Recipe

You may have tasted the weird taste of big pizza companies because of canned food with a shelf life of up to three years. Further, the dough recipe is also made with a dough blend preserved for years to come. So the element of freshness is always missing when you order a pizza from a company that use preserved items. 

We have a secret dough recipe that is unique and far better than any major pizza company that automates the pizza-making process. This compromises flavour and authenticity, and multi-store companies use that practice to make more profit. Typically, such companies use preservatives, which eliminate the aroma and taste, to extend the shelf life. Pizza Party Caterings Sydney believes in delivering authentic products using fresh items and supplies to give you the perfect taste of pizza.

Catering Arrangements

Depending on the schedule of your pizza party and the number of guests, we usually arrive a few hours before the start of the pizza party or event as this early arrival help us to prepare things. Our mobile pizza van is a compact food catering setup that has everything you need for a catered live pizza party.

Other than just baking flavorful live pizzas for you, we put every effort to make a fun, entertaining and enjoyable pizza party environment along with delicious pizza varieties. You can also ask for arrangements to make deserts and pasta for you.

We pay attention to the details to make you happy because we understand that quality and food entertainment is everything you need from us, especially when you want to enjoy Italian food at your home or destination. We are not only the best Pizza Chef in Penrith, Sydney but also serve Pizza with hospitality etiquette to your honourable guests and participants to make you feel proud. 

Such an approach means you are all set to enjoy your party as we are the best in every aspect, i.e. pizza taste and best customer services. So, whether you hire us for an individual event, a small party, a gathering or a significant corporate event, we try our best to make your event a big success and memorable.

Our pizza oven catering setup is a mobile unit that works as a pizza factory built at your site to give you and your guests a live pizza party.

Private Pizza Party

You can have a pizza party privately at your premises with your guests or with known people. It is all about enjoying the taste of pizza to be enjoyed by friends, family members, and corporate gatherings personally and with a group of like-minded people. Our pizza and pasta collection is unbeatable, while the cheezious flavours make your pizza party a success.

To have a reliable and delicious mobile pizza catering in Penrith, call us. The business has been operating successfully for a long time in Greater Sydney. Our state-of-the-art self-sufficient mobile pizza service is designed to offer catering to various events, functions, events and parties. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable mobile caterer with a brand new mobile pizza setup and are known as top-rated customer-focused and experienced live pizza bakers.

We ensure that all your needs are met at every event, and we are happy to go the extra mile to make your event a success. Our goal is to deliver the best and most exceptional live pizza party, tasty food and professional service.

Wood Fire Pizza

Our wood fire pizza ensures they enjoy every pizza bite with authentic taste and aroma for those who love the smoky pizza flavour.

Italian Pizza is known for making it from the hand-made kneaded dough, pizza base sauce and fresh toppings. When you choose our services, you expect a lifetime quality pizza experience and receiving the best hospitality services means your pizza will have top quality ingredients. You will be delighted to know that we do offer the services of a woodfire pizza oven in Penrith to ensure that smoky pizza lovers are happy with their true love for smoky pizza. There is no comparison to bacon meat cooked with Parmesan cheese and sausage over a wood fire.