Weddings and Engagements Parties

It’s your big day. Let us make it a memorable one. Invite us to your Wedding; we will come bearing aromas and bites of luscious Pizza.

Pizzas are the irreplaceable choice of Food in weddings & excite the crowds with its intoxicating scents and provoke curiosity.

We understand how stressful hosting weddings can be, but where there is Pizza, there is a way.

Our team shoulder’s it’s part of responsibilities so that you can also enjoy your big day & live in the moment.

Private Parties

Want to spice up your parties? We cater for all types of parties, private and corporate events be it small or large we will be there to serve fresh Pizzas that will make your parties momentous.

When we arrive at your party to serve Pizza, we take over your guests. Your guests are ours; we leave no stone unturned in rocking your party & make it a legendary party.

We will serve Pizza that is cooked to perfection. Fresh, Hot, Cheesy and aromatic.

Special Occasions

Our lives are filled with special occasions, what are you celebrating today? Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, or perhaps your child’s 1st Birthday.

Special Occasions calls for good food that sets the mood of the occasion.

Could there be a better alternative than Pizza? We didn’t think so either.

Impress your guests with our exclusive Pizza Service. Let them drench in the experience of delicious Pizza eating.

Corporate Hospitality

Did your company just beat it’s competitor and rose victorious? or maybe your team of loyal employees surpassed the target.

It’s time to celebrate, treat your staff with a well-deserved lunch or dinner to make them feel special.

Treating your employees in-house with our delicious Pizza offerings is the way to go for it. We will come discretely in our Mobile Pizzeria make the preparations to serve Pizza that is cooked to perfection.

Your employees won’t just be surprised they will feel delighted.